FEAR: Is it Holding You Back?


Fear of failure. Something we will all face at some point in our lives. Fear of failure is almost certain, but should we let it debilitate us?

The fear of failure is something I have been faced with often these days. Starting my own company, I have such high expectations of what I should be doing, how I should be succeeding, and the biggest enemy of all- “what will other people think if I fail?”.

I genuinely believe the fear of failure is the main reason many of us do not follow through with our dreams and seem to stay living right in our comfort zones. Because if we stay right where we are then we have less chance of failing, therefore a much smaller chance to let others down and lose our pride. But what are we really gaining by avoiding the risks that you must take to do anything great?

Personally, I have let fear control me and my decisions. The fear of starting a business. For nearly 10 years now I have gone back and forth on opening an online boutique. I know I am fully capable of doing it, but fears start eating at me. “It’s a saturated market.” “You don’t have a catchy name.” “People will think you are stupid.” “Everyone and their brother has tried this.”

It took a breaking point in my personal life to stand up to my fear and decide it no longer owned me. It was not through my own strength I could do this, but through prayer and turning to my faith. I lay in bed at night and wonder if I can truly be a successful business owner? Am I just kidding myself to think that I have what it takes to build something worthwhile?

The thoughts of fear always have a way of creeping in, but it is how we face them that is important. When I feel these thoughts arising lately, I have turned to prayer. I feel a peace that the path I am pursuing is right where I am supposed to be. Even if that path ends in failure, I know that the growth I am cultivating will be invaluable to my strength and future success.

So my wish to all of the women reading this… is that if you have had something set on your heart or a dream you have wanted to take on, know that it is never too late. Life is too short to let fear control you. It WILL be scary, but that is part of the fun. Look back in 20 years and know the ride may have been wild, but you will never wonder “what if…”!

FEAR. You don’t own me.

And it doesn’t have to own you either.

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